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Terms and Conditions

Printer is must necessary for home or office and other places, because it enables you to make your task easier. While buying it, you need to aware about certain facts, especially about terms and conditions. It’s framed on behalf of company, so you should aware about it. Troubleshooting arises while installing printer, then you can consult 123hp for fixing it. We have framed certain terms and conditions, so while choosing their service, you should read it. You should call them and book their service. Once we confirmed your booking, then they will mail or text you. Moreover, we will offer service, based on your choice. You should specify your plan, so they will offer service based on that. After accepting their terms and conditions, you are choosing their service, so keep that in mind. Moreover, we offer solution, for your problem through phone conversation or by chatting, based on their convenience. For further information, you can refer our site and get detailed information. Payments are collected on behalf of our company, so nonpayment of money will result in cancellation of service. Moreover, we will offer money back guarantee under certain circumstances, so make you aware about it. Fees are charged based on their terms, so you should not neglect for paying it.

We as 123hp authorized team have rights to change their terms without prior notice, so you should not have rights to create problem based on this issue. You have no rights to use their software and other materials without their knowledge. In case you involved in such kind of activities, then we will take legal action against you. Moreover, there are certain exceptions from services offered by them, so aware about it. We are not responsible for damage caused, due to electrical fault or other conditions. Using logos and other things, without their approval is an offense, so never involve in that kind of activities. Moreover, they are not selling device; we are only offering services, so devices displayed in site is just for reference and they are not responsible for it. We will return your money within certain period, beyond that, they won’t return it back.

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