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Refund Policy

You own a printer, but not aware about installation and other procedures then consult 123-hp.co. We as company will offer service, based on plan choose by you. They will fix your problem within a day once you register your complaint. Enter into their site for booking their service. Once your service gets registered, you will get conformation from them. For any assistance or support you can place call or you can directly mail to them. We will provide solution for your problem through chat. If your problem is not rectified then they will refund your money. We feel pleasure to offer perfect solution for problem in your printer, so you can expect quality service. In case we are not capable to fix problem, then we will give back your money. Money will also get credited to your bank account within several days. If you end their service within 30 days, then we will refund your full amount on prorate basis. Study about their refund policy, before proceeding to, because they have posted in site for your reference purpose. We won‘t accept the product, if you return beyond 30 days. You should specify that, for what purpose, you are returning their product; otherwise they won’t return your money back.

We will return your money, if mistake is on company side. Moreover, they won’t refund money, in case damage caused by your mistake. Electric and other faults are not covered under refund policy. There are also some exceptions in refund policy, so aware about it. You should request them for refund, otherwise they won’t implement it. After your request, we will proceed to it. Before choosing product or service, understand in detail about it; it is for your safety, so you won’t end up in unwanted trouble. Their motive is to offer safer service without any fault; but sometime mistake may occur beyond their control, in that circumstances they are ready to give back your money. We will return your money through account, so if you want them to settle money in other way, then it’s not possible, except special conditions.

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